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Western Regional Board

The Western Regional Board has been revitalized in 2002.  A Regional Board Meeting was held on November 2 to dicuss plans for 2003.  In addition to the development of a website to connect the distant corners of the Region, the Board is looking for other ways to bring the Region together.  We will continue to hold meetings for volunteers, pros, and tennis enthusiasts throughout the Region.  We are also planning to stage inter-city tennis events, in which teams from communities within the Region come together for a day of tennis and fun.  Below is a list of the Regional Board:

Reeta Hayes -- Secretary/Treasurer

Shawna Macfarlane -- Community Development Representative

Steve Pekich -- Adult Competition/Recreation Representative

Tom LaPenna -- Junior Competition/Recreation Representative

Turhan Wilbon -- Multicultural Participation Representative

Jayanthi Govindaraj -- Communications Representative

Wil Murtagh -- District 13 Delegate

Ann Mott -- Distirct 14 Delegate

Steve Ginsburg -- District 15 Delegate

Kerstin Speller -- Regional Vice President

Joe Steger -- Western Regional Director