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GETA Sponsors a Recreational QuickStart Tennis Workshop

The Greater Elmira Tennis Association (GETA) sponsored a Recreational QuickStart Tennis (QST) Workshop at the Twin Tier Racquet Club on April 25.

Tennis Professional Mike Kolendo traveled all the way from Amherst, Massachusetts to conduct the Workshop. Mike is a National QST Specialist and has been ranked #1 in New England in both singles and doubles.

Mike provided the group of 20 enthusiastic participants with all they need to know about QuickStart Tennis...the exciting new play format for learning the sport, designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to age and size. QST is divided into two different levels – one for youth age 8 and under and the other for youth age 10 and under.

The QST format works by having kids play tennis immediately. Within the first hour of stepping onto the court, the participants are actually playing the game, rallying with one another, moving around, and having fun. Scaling the game down to their size helps make the learning process easier and a lot more fun for youth 10 and under.

By being introduced to this style of play from the start, kids will gain confidence by seeing their own immediate progress, making them more excited about continuing to play and improve. QST enables kids to have more enjoyable experiences early on in the learning process and having fun is always a factor in keeping kids involved in any sport, including tennis.

The Greater Elmira Tennis Association is a not-for-profit organization and a registered USTA Community Tennis Association (CTA) that is focused on introducing the youth of the Greater Elmira area to the sport of tennis. GETA offers a series of tennis clinics for beginning and advanced players, both youth and families, and they host tennis tournaments during the summer months. For more information about GETA, please visit their web site at www.getatennis.com or you can contact GETA by phone at 607-737-4674.

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