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November 14, 2008 06:18 PM

Over 2,000 Coaches Sign On, Thousands of Students Impacted

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., October 29, 2008 – The USTA today announced explosive growth in its innovative No-Cut Initiative. Since 2006, more than 2,400 high school tennis coaches from across the country have embraced the No-Cut policy, allowing thousands of students who normally would not have been able to play and compete on their high school teams, to play and compete.

A no-cut rule essentially means every student who wishes to play is automatically welcomed as a member of the team.  While the typical varsity high school tennis team carries about eight students, no-cut teams can include as many as 150 students.  By staggering practice times, utilizing assistant and volunteer coaches, and partnering with local facilities, no-cut programs afford all interested students the opportunity to participate in a team sport at their school.

In just three short years, the number of coaches registered with the USTA has doubled with nearly 90,000 students actively involved in no-cut programs nationwide.  The No-Cut Initiative does more than just help the tennis community; it provides youth athletes the chance to gain life lessons as well as enhanced fitness and improved athletic skills.

“The rapid growth of this program is a testament to the incredible coaches who see the bigger picture,” said Kurt Kamperman, Chief Executive, Community Tennis, USTA. “This initiative encourages students of all skill levels to participate and enjoy the many benefits of tennis both on and off the court.”

Each of the participating coaches is recognized for their efforts with a certificate from the USTA, congratulating them on incorporating the no-cut policy.  In addition, the USTA sends a letter to their principal and athletic director acknowledging the coach’s dedication to their students and the school receives a No-Cut Tennis Team banner.  The coach also receives a USTA No-Cut Coach Cap, one-year subscription to Racquet Sports Industry magazine and access to the no-cut online tennis forums.

Each year, two coaches are selected to receive the National No-Cut Coach Starfish Award at the USTA Tennis Teachers Conference held in conjunction with the US Open in New York. Sue Bordainick of Spring Valley, N.Y. and Rich Taylor of Forest Grove, Ore., were the 2008 recipients. 

More information on the no-cut initiative as well as additional coaching tips can be found at www.usta.com/no-cut.

The USTA is the national governing body for the sport of tennis in the U.S. and the leader in promoting and developing the growth of tennis at every level -- from local communities to the highest level of the professional game.  It owns and operates the US Open, the largest annually attended sporting event in the world, and launched the Olympus US Open Series linking 10 summer tournaments to the US Open.  A not-for-profit organization with more than 725,000 members, it invests 100% of its proceeds in growing the game.  In addition, it owns the 94 Pro Circuit events throughout the U.S., and selects the teams for the Davis Cup, Fed Cup, Olympic and Paralympics Games.  For more information on the USTA, log on to usta.com.

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