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Join USTA--Play Tournaments

March 9, 2009 02:34 PM

Thank you for contacting the USTA Eastern Office. To join the USTA (necessary to play USTA tournaments) call 800-990-8782.

To find tournaments visit our website www.eastern.usta.com. Across the top is a row of buttons in white letters with a blue background. Point to For Players, and another menu will appear. Point to USTA Sanctioned Junior, and another menu will appear, then click on Tournaments. This will open another window where you can search the tournament schedule by month. Click on a month you are interested in and you will see all the Eastern section junior tournaments for that month.




The start date of the tournament is to the left of the tournament name, and the date registration closest is to the right of the tournament name. B represents Boys, G represents Girls. The number(s) represents the age group(s), e.g. BG14-10 means there are events for boys and girls 14 and under, 12 and under, and 10 and under. SE is single elimination, RR is round robin, s is singles, d is doubles.

The name of each tournament, e.g. L2R Southern Region Chmps, is a link. Click on the name of a tournament to go to the home page for the tournament. You will see detailed information about the tournament, as well as a link in red letters to click on for online registration. Unless otherwise specified, registration for all events closes at 1 pm 14 days before the scheduled starting date of each tournament. You can check the website for match times approximately 5 days before the tournament.

Our Tournament Pathway:

  • Quickstart: Introductory tournaments for 10 and under unranked players using a modified court size and round robin format.
  • L3: Introductory tournaments for unranked players using regular court size and round robin format. After winning two Level 3’s, you must move on to compete in Level 2 (L2) tournaments.
  • L2O: Open, single elimination tournaments for intermediate players.
  • L2R: Regional, single elimination tournament for the intermediate players. Only regional residents can compete in these closed tournaments.
  • L1B: Open, single elimination tournaments for intermediate and advanced players.
  • L1: Open, single elimination tournaments that are the next step up geared for those advanced ranked players.
  • L1: Sectional Closed Championships are the pinnacle of competition in the Eastern Section.
  • For sectional residents--only those who represent the top-ranked individuals may be ranked nationally as well.

*** A player does not have to be ranked to register for L2 or L1 tournaments. ***

Eastern Tournament Pathway