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Racket sports: Schafer is area's best tennis player

December 1, 2009 03:30 PM

Joe Schafer is Western New York's top ranked men's tennis player.

His superlative play in the Muny Open Championships and the Miller Center January tournament evoked memories of all-time Western New York greats such as Rev. Bob Hetherington and Ross Nwachukwu.

Rankings are based on results from local tournaments, Erie County Interscholastic Championships, sectional championships, and other tournaments in which top-10 players meet. Local experts and this writer had input in determining the final rankings that follow:

1. Joe Schafer: The 19-year-old Davidson College freshman played superbly in the Muny Open Championships by becoming the first player in recent memory to win the Open Singles, Open Doubles, and Mixed Doubles. Earlier in the year he defeated Nikesh Singh, one of UB's top players, in the Miller Tennis Center tournament.

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