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Delynn Orton garners support from the Syracuse University Women's Tennis

February 25, 2010 03:28 PM

Delynn Orton (Move Along, Inc.) is continuing to do great things for Adaptive Tennis in Central New York. She recently garnered support from the Syracuse University Women's Tennis program. Move Along, Inc. received SU warm-ups and a hearty welcome to the SU tennis community from Head Coach Luke Jensen and Assistant Coach Shelley George at the recent SU-Rutgers match. Orton's Wheelchair Tennis Team conducted a demonstration at the match. Additionally, Orton gave a presentation with Kirk Anderson regarding QuickStart Tennis for Adaptive Populations at the Community Tennis Development Workshop (CTDW) in San Diego in January. orton

Orton also entered a contest sponsored by the American Association of Physical Activity and Recreation (AAPAR) and came in runner-up. The video she submitted, entitled "Tennis Across the Lifespan-Tennis Everyone!" is a portrait of some of the individuals that Orton and Sandy Hoffman, USTA Eastern Tennis Service Representative, have worked with over the past year. The video was entered in the 'Disability Awareness' category. It can be viewed using this link: