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2010 Junior Tennis Foundation Grant Application

March 20, 2010 09:55 PM

The Junior Tennis Foundation (JTF), Inc. is committed to promoting tennis in the USTA Eastern Section at the local level.  To that end, the JTF offers grants to help non-profit organizations – such as Park and Recreation Departments and Community Tennis Associations – to initiate or expand tennis activities.  Grants may be used to start instructional programs and/or leagues for Junior Players and for Special Populations.  The Foundation’s long term goal is to help programs become self-sufficient.

The following grant guidelines will be helpful in preparing your application:

  • The program must be non-profit or not-for-profit.
  • The Grant Recipient (Program or Sponsoring Organization) must be or become a USTA organization member prior to receiving funding.
  • The sponsoring organization or program must provide a valid Federal Employer I.D. Number (E.I.N.) or Tax Identification Number (T.I.N.) No checks will be made payable to individuals and checks cannot be released without this information.
  • If the program is conducted under the direction of a Park and Recreation Department or other agency, every effort should be made to allocate necessary funds into the tennis budget in future years.
  • The JTF will not reimburse regular staff time of any person on full-time salary with the agency submitting the grant application
  • The program must fill out and return the JTF year-end accountability form as requested by the deadline on the accountability form.
  • Any junior program registration fee should be reasonable to encourage participation, affordable for families in the community, and provision must be made for interested participants who lack funds.

Questions?  Please call the USTA Eastern office (914-697-2386) or email Stefanie Iennaco at iennaco@eastern.usta.com

Junior Tennis Foundation 2010 Grant Application - Deadline: April 23, 2010 - Grants Awarded by May 31, 2010

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