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Modified Tennis in West Irondequoit

Modified Tennis in West Irondequoit

In an effort to encourage greater girls participation in tennis, the West Irondequoit School district (outside of Rochester), organized their first ever Modified Girls’ Tennis Team in the fall of 2009.

The team was comprised of students in Grades 7-9.  Barry Prince, a veteran High School Tennis Coach in the Rochester area and President of Rochester Community Tennis, coached the team which ended up with the largest roster in the county, 17 players. 

Prince noted, “It worked out really well because, with the exception of maybe a couple of players, these girls would not have tried out for a JV team.  Now they are talking about taking lessons…and they are on their way to successful high school careers.” 

Playing against other Modified Girls’ Tennis Teams in the county, the West Irondequoit Team went undefeated, with every girl on the roster winning at least 1 match during the course of the season.