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Super Seniors
11/20/2002 9:05:00 PMNational Champions from the Western Region. yesleftno 133200 img_80_17.fpx0.0019,0.0087,0.27,0.4054no

Captain Wilma Ianni had a dream!! She dreamed that one day she could play on a USA League Tennis Team consisting of women 62 years of age and up. She spent years scouting matches, reading the paper, and surfing the Internet diligently for an opportunity to live out this dream. In the summer of 2002, her dream became reality with the arrival of a Super Senior League in the Buffalo area.

Seventeen women expressed interest in this new opportunity and two teams formed. Ianni captained the eventual local champion, while Elaine Idzik captained the second place team.

Since this concept is so new, there was no place for the local Super Senior Champs to go. There was no Regional Tournament, and no trip to Nationals. Thus, we have crowned our two Buffalo-area teams as 2002 quasi-National Champions. They may not have won the crown over teams from the Northern Section or the Florida Section, but they are champions here at home.