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Judy Lipovsky, USTA Eastern Volunteer, Goes to Haiti After Earthquake

Judy Lipovsky, USTA Eastern Volunteer and nurse, worked as a medical volunteer in Haiti. Her words follow:
I recently returned from an experience working as a medical volunteer in Leogane, Haiti. I took 2 bags of tennis balls with me and handed them out to children we met on our walks through the villages. I am sure they don’t have a clue what the game of tennis is but they loved the balls! Days after we handed out the balls, the children called out "tennis, tennis" whenever we walked past. 
Our staff were volunteers from around the US who worked with a group called World Wide Village. This group is organizing medical volunteers to work with a small crew of Haitian doctors and nurses at a makeshift regional hospital in Leogane, an area near the epicenter of the January 2010 earthquake.
The medical staff took a walk to the ocean one day, visited an orphanage where we handed out toys and tennis balls. The children in the photos were in homes or tents along the way to the orphanage.