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Navigating the USTA Committee Appointment Process

August 6, 2010 09:39 AM
Navigating the USTA Committee Appointment Process
The USTA Committee Appointment Process (CAP) is now open from August 1 through September 20.  This process gathers applications from those interested in serving on USTA national committees as well as recommendations from others.
We encourage you to use this opportunity to self-nominate for a National committee position and to forward the information to anyone else in the tennis community who shares your passion for tennis.
The fundamental role of each USTA committee is to advise the USTA Board of Directors in promoting and developing the growth of tennis.  Committees of volunteers who are USTA members work with USTA staff to research suggested or Board-directed proposals; propose, refine, review or evaluate programs, activities and budget allocations within the committee’s duties; and provide timely recommendations to the Board.
Committee members may be recommended by others or self-nominate for service on a national committee.  The USTA Chairman of the Board and President appoints all committee chairs and members, who serve a two-year term, during which they work with their committees, generate recommendations, and attend USTA meetings. 
For more information on how the recommendation process works or to apply, please see the following links: