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Cornell University, Eastern Win Battle of the Sections College Event

September 30, 2013 01:28 PM
Cornell University became the first USTA Eastern team to claim the Battle of the Sections in the event's eight years.

By Benjamin Snyder, snyder@eastern.usta.com

The Cornell University club tennis team recently won the Battle of the Sections USTA Tennis on Campus event at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.
For the first time, the USTA Eastern Section earned the distinction of winning the Section Champion Award due to “having the best results overall from their four teams: Cornell University, Stony Brook University, Rutgers University and Columbia University,” according to the Tennis on Campus website, www.tennisoncampus.com.
The team from New York clinched the win against Boston University, 22-20 in the final.
Ben Cantor, co-captain of the Cornell team, discussed his team’s victory. “Winning the Battle of the Sections is an incredible accomplishment for us, especially considering the strong quality of the competition in this year’s tournament,” he said.
Alexandra Abad, also co-captain, talked about her team’s reaction after securing the championship. “After we won we all just stormed onto the court in pure excitement and it was a great moment,” she said.
Cantor said that his team has “always fared well in intra-sectional competitions, as we’ve won seven of eight Eastern sectional championships and each of the last five.” Being the “first team from the Eastern Section to win this event really shows how much progress we’ve made,” he added.
Abad mirrored his response, saying, “It's amazing how much our team has improved just over the past couple of years.” In fact, she said the team finished near last place when she first took part in the Battle of the Sections tournament.
Cantor also expressed his excitement about playing at the site of the US Open, having attended the tournament “almost every year.” “Although I’m not playing professionally, I’m so lucky to have been able to fulfill my dream of competing at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center with my parents watching me on those very same ‘side courts’ that have provided us with so many great memories,” he said.
With a team that both co-captains said have bonded with one another through competition, Canator added, “We were able to win a lot of close key games because we maintained a high energy level throughout the tournament by consistently cheering for one another.”
A senior who’s played at the tournament three times previously, Abad said she’s proud for a particular reason. “This also a huge personal achievement to be able to graduate with this title under my belt,” she said.
Cantor said the success at Battle of the Sections makes him confident about his team’s ability to compete -- and win -- in the future. “By winning the Battle of the Sections in a field that included Virginia and other strong teams such as Penn State, Boston College and Rutgers, I am now confident that we can compete against any team in the country,” he said.
2013 Teams Represented:
Dartmouth College – USTA/New England
Boston College – USTA/New England
Tufts University – USTA/New England
Harvard University – USTA/New England
University of Pennsylvania – USTA/Middle States
University of Pittsburgh – USTA/Middle States
Villanova University – USTA/Middle States
Penn State University – USTA/Middle States
University of Virginia – USTA/Mid-Atlantic
Georgetown University – USTA/Mid-Atlantic
George Washington University – USTA/Mid-Atlantic
Virginia Tech – USTA/Mid-Atlantic
Stony Brook University – USTA/Eastern
Cornell University – USTA/Eastern
Rutgers University – USTA/Eastern
Columbia University– USTA/Eastern
Past Champions:
2007 – Penn State University (Team Winner), USTA/Mid-Atlantic (Section Winner)
2008 – Brown University (Team Winner), USTA/Middle States (Section Winner)
2009 – University of Virginia (Team Winner), USTA/Mid-Atlantic (Section Winner)
2010 – Penn State University (Team Winner), USTA/Mid-Atlantic (Section Winner)
2011 – Harvard University (Team Winner), USTA/New England (Section Winner)
2012 – University of Virginia (Team Winner), USTA/New England (Section Winner)
2013 – Cornell University (Team winner), USTA/Eastern (Section Winner)