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Midtown Hosts Shootouts


NTRP Shootout Events at Midtown Athletic Club

Midtown Athletic Club in Rochester hosted two successful NTRP Tournaments (one for 4.0 men and the other for 4.5 men) toward the end of 2012. These one-day tournaments are referred to as ‘Shootouts.’ The cost is $28 per player, and the shootout features a round robin format where players are guaranteed three matches over a three hour period.  The matches consist of either one set (first to 6 games) or a pro-set (first to 8 games).  After the completion of each set, the participants take a 5-10 minute break and then go right back out and play their next opponent. 
The Shootouts take place on Saturday afternoons from 1:00-4:00pm.  After the initial shootout events, Midtown received very positive feedback. Adults like the idea of playing a bunch of tennis in one afternoon as opposed to being spread out over an entire weekend or several days. 
In 2013, Midtown plans to continue hosting these events for both men and women at various NTRP levels. Shootouts are listed in the Adult Tournament calendar on the USTA Eastern web site, and flyers are distributed to Midtown members, local college coaches, and other clubs/players in the Rochester area.
Here is a schedule of upcoming Shootouts: 
1/19/13 -- Men’s and Women’s 4.0
3/30/13 -- Men’s 4.0
4/27/13 -- Men’s 4.5
Please contact Rocco Porreca, Tournament Director at Midtown Athletic Club, at rocco.porreca@midtown.com if you have any questions about these events or would like to participate.