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Winston Lin at Columbia University

At Columbia: Linsanity Part II

By Jason Gay, The Wall Street Journal

Psst: Linsanity never actually escaped New York. The mania merely resettled up here, off 218th Street, in a bubble on the Harlem River. In fact, Linsanity is standing on the court with me right now, blasting forehands at my feet.

Jeremy Lin? Wait—who's that again? This is Winston Lin.

Winston Lin, 18, is a freshman tennis phenom at Columbia University. He's 19-1 playing singles this season, 5-0 in the Ivy League for the Lions, who are currently 16-4 as a team and host Princeton Friday afternoon as they chase a league title and an NCAA tournament bid. While his story might not be as screenplay-ready as an overlooked Harvard point guard turned Knick hero, Winston Lin has snuck up on his sport, too. He became a junior tennis star growing up outside Buffalo—not a youth tennis hotbed like, say, Florida or Texas. He's not the brawniest guy: He's about 5 foot 10, 140 pounds, up 15 from the skinny 125 he brought to campus.

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