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Onondaga Nation School Attends NJTL Kid's Day

Onondaga Nation School Attends NJTL Kids’ Day

Onondaga Nation School (ONS) is one of the Region’s most active NJTL programs. They regularly participate in events and activities that take place in the Western Region and throughout the Section. For the past several years, ONS has traveled to the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on the Saturday before the start of the U.S. Open to take part in Arthur Ashe Kids Day.

On July 18, eleven young tennis players and four chaperones from ONS traveled to the University of Albany to participate in the Section’s NJTL Kids’ Day. Capital Region Youth Tennis Foundation (15-LOVE), one of the Section’s largest NJTL programs, hosted the event.

The kids from ONS joined NJTL participants from throughout the Section, taking part in various on court activities. They earned prizes including stickers and books, and everyone enjoyed the dinner of pizza and watermelon. All of the kids also received a free racquet.

All of the Kids’ Day participants were given free tickets to stay and watch that evening’s World Team Tennis match at University of Albany’s SEFCU Arena between the NY Sportimes and the Kansas City Explorers. Featured players that night included Bob and Mike Bryan and Martina Hingis.

Onondaga Nation School’s Lars Stout was able to show off his tennis skills during a QuickStart Tennis (QST) demo that NY Sportimes pros took part in between matches on the stadium court.

Onondaga Nation School will continue its NJTL programming during the rest of the summer and into the fall, and they are presently working to plan their first Play Day on September 17. Thanks to Jen Kagan, Simone Thornton, and all of the staff and volunteers that make the ONS NJTL program one of the best.