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QuickStart Tennis (QST) Tournament

QuickStart Players
Midtown Athletic Club in Rochester hosted a QuickStart Tennis (QST) Tournament on Friday, April 9 and Saturday, April 10. Three co-ed divisions were offered: 12 and under using the green ball on the 78-foot court, 10 and under using the orange ball on the 60-foot court, and an 8 and under division using the red ball on 36-foot courts.
A round-robin format with modified scoring was utilized ensuring multiple matches for all of the participants. The atmosphere was fun and friendly. Midtown Athletic Club Professional Staff, under the direction of Laramie Gavin and Ajay Pant (two members of the USTA Eastern 10 and Under Project Team), were on court to monitor the matches, instruct the participants, and assist with scoring and other questions.
In all, there were 41 participants.  Jacob Glazer won the 12 and under division, while Caitlin Hogan came in second.  The 10 and under division went to Taylor Loiacono.  Danielle Colucci was the runner up.  The 8 and under division included two separate flights.  Lorren Antonucci won Flight A (runner up = Alexander Eduardo), while the Flight B winner was Sam Smock (runner up = Ann Glazer). 
All participants received a medal or small trophy, and an award for the “shot of the day” was handed out on both Friday and Saturday. 
The event gave the Midtown staff the opportunity to educate parents and players on rule changes associated with youth tennis.